Tech Data Hack

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#TechDataHack FAQ

1. Participating | London 2017


+ Do I have to come both days? Do I have to stay all day?

We hope that people will form teams that work together over both days so it would be best if you could come and stay for the full day - both days.

+ Can I work overnight on site?

You sure can! Our facilities will be open 24hrs and safely monitored. There will be plenty of water, coffee, and snacks to take you through the night.

+ How much does the event cost?

The event is free. Spots are limited to 35-50 participants (including facilitators and mentors).

+ What are Early bird tickets?

Anyone who signs up to the event before Friday the 2nd June will have the opportunity to join the pre-TechDataHack live webinar session with Tech Data marketing and technology experts. During the session, participants will receive advice on how to refine the user-issue they’re aiming to solve, as well as guidance on the tools and knowledge you’ll need to get the most out of the hack.

+ What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself, your ideas, and your working tools (computer, hard drive, etc.). We’ll ensure a strong internet connection and can provide all the tools needed to develop IoT focused solutions (Sensors, Support, Logic Board, and Data).

+ What will I be expected to do? Do I need to prepare beforehand?

Before the event, all you have to do is to understand the Hack challenge and think about which technology you might use to develop your solution. You can then identify a real user issue/pain point that you would like to solve. This will be the basis to start building your prototype. The best way to prepare is to register early and grab one of the Early Bird tickets, this way you will be able to ask direct questions to Tech Data and Microsoft.

+ Will we get refreshments for free or will we have to pay?

All refreshments will be provided during the two days, but evening meals will not be covered.

2. Ideas and solutions | London 2017

Are there any mandatory/optional requirements for the solutions that might be developed at the hack?

The aim of the two-day hack is to define and develop interactive, working prototypes that could be showcased at Microsoft Inspire 2017. Criteria for successful solutions include:

  • Microsoft compatible: solutions should run on Microsoft Azure [mandatory]
  • Focused on a real user-issue [optional, but recommended]
  • Focused on IoT [optional - no IoT HW will be present at the hack]
  • Interfaces solutions [optional]
  • Integrated solutions: App, Interface, IoT, and Cortana [optional]
  • Solutions that might work with CORTANA [optional]
  • Solutions that might make Azure easier to use for partners and showcase its full potential in a way that is relevant to users [optional - recommended]

I am concerned about my IP. What will happen to all of the ideas people come up with at the event?

Everyone that joins the Hack will have full ownership of the ideas developed at the event. Whether solutions are selected to be showcased at Microsoft Inspire 2017 or not, all participants will retain ownership of their IP. This event will be an open space and a collaborative environment, we want you to share and speak openly about your ideas. If you are not ready to share your concepts or worried that others might use them, this might not be the best space for you to join. Tech Data is looking to understand the hack process, meet new talent, and provide an opportunity for professional development and networking. The company has plenty of resources to get ideas elsewhere.

When approaching the teams that develop successful solutions, Tech Data could look for partnership opportunities with you in order to take your solution to market and to a global scale. This would be a great opportunity to gain access to millions of customers. Tech Data could ask for a share in the company and propose to support its future growth, helping it scale.

3. Rules of engagement | London 2017

Below are some of the principles we believe are essential to ensure a creative, productive and respectful environment where everyone can feel comfortable, safe, and inspired.

  • Build on each other’s ideas. Listen actively for opportunities to develop and elaborate new concepts.
  • Postpone judgment. Resist the urge to evaluate ideas as they come out, hold back your inner critic. Anything goes during idea generation, the time for judgement comes later.
  • Team is everything. Harness the collective brainpower of the group by ensuring that everyone is actively involved.
  • Recognise everyone’s skill-set. We all have different expertise.
  • Share the airtime. Listen to other people’s contribution as much as you share your own.
  • Trust the process. A two-day Hack can be exhausting and emotions can be jumping high and low. Take breaks whenever you feel like you should, stay hydrated, and trust our methods.
  • The more, the merrier. There might be a lot of things to discuss. Make sure most important conversations are recorded/written up on the tools.
  • It’s OK to ask for more clarity. Or say you don’t understand.