From coding to business success: the BitTitan story

In 2007, Geeman Yip started BitTitan in his basement and to this day explains,

“I would have started it in my garage but it’s too cold for that in Seattle.”

Though he jokes about it now, the early days were a struggle—not a startup dream. With no cash flow and multiple failed products, he and co-founder Dominic Pouzin were working to stay afloat.

After multiple pivots, they discovered the business opportunity that would lead to BitTitan: to build the first purely cloud-based data migration software for MSPs.

BitTitan became a simple, one-click solution, from its MigrationWiz, a tool to make cloud data migration easier, to MSPComplete, a platform that helps automate every aspect of your business.

Blue Chip Consulting Group has been a close partner with BitTitan for many years. Hear how Blue Chip used Migration Wiz and other BitTitan products to migrate a large company to the cloud over a weekend.

During nine years of bootstrapping, BitTitan became the market leader in cloud migrations.

The company has been profitable for the past five years, recording an impressive 50-100 percent growth rate year over year. In April 2016, BitTitan accepted $15 million in Series A funding and one year later launched an automated managed services platform, MSPComplete.

Until June 2016, BitTitan grew to over 200 employees (soon to reach 300) in 13 countries and deliver on their commitment to support the 100,000+ IT professionals they serve.

BitTitan Named Seattle Business Magazine’s Best Company to Work For

What’s next for Geeman Yip and BitTitan?

“Our future is about enabling the cloud and we won’t be satisfied until we’ve got the entire world on it.”

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